In the heart of South Carolina, where magnolia blooms whisper tales of strength, Corey Mitchell MS Foundation stands as a testament to dedication, awareness, and unwavering support for those touched by multiple sclerosis (MS).

I. Vision: Building a Haven of Upliftment

With unwavering devotion, the vision of CMMSFOUNDATION unfolds. It aspires to be more than an organization; it envisions a professional and creative haven—a space that uplifts, motivates, teaches, and fosters a sense of safety for individuals to share. This vision mirrors the values and diversity that define the essence of the CMMSFOUNDATION.

II. A Symphony of Life: Corey Mitchell’s Journey

In the tapestry of life, Corey Mitchell’s roots trace back to Florence, South Carolina. Now, in Blythewood, he, along with his beautiful wife Shayna and their children Morgan and Mekhi, weaves a symphony of resilience. A police officer by profession, Corey faced a turning point in February 2020 when he was diagnosed with MS. This diagnosis didn’t break his spirit; instead, it fueled his journey as a warrior and advocate.

III. The Melody of Giving: A Plea to Help

In the grand orchestration of giving, Corey’s positive attitude has paved the way for profound strides in rehabilitation. Now, his passion for helping others resonates in the creation of The Corey Mitchell MS Foundation. A plea echoes through the melody, inviting all to contribute—a little bit can make a significant impact.

IV. The Art of Giving: A Symphony of Charity

A. The Ripple Effect of Donations

Donating to causes is not merely a charitable act; it’s a transformative experience. The ripples of generosity extend beyond the charities themselves, enriching the lives of millions. It’s a harmonious dance where giving benefits not only the receiver but also the giver.

V. The Chorus of Unity: Who Are We Raising Money For?

In the lyrical tale of MS diagnosis, Corey found solace in the support of friends and family. This harmony of care inspired the birth of CMMSFOUNDATION—a sanctuary for those who feel alone in their struggle. It’s a chorus of unity, supporting individuals grappling with the shock of an MS diagnosis.

VI. The Symphony’s Purpose: Why Are We Raising Money?

The orchestration of generosity seeks to fund the annual programs that form the backbone of CMMSFOUNDATION’s impact:

  • CMMS WALK: A collective stride towards awareness.
  • CMMS GALA: A celebration of resilience and strength.
  • CMMS BACK TO SCHOOL BASH: Nurturing the dreams of the future.
  • CMMS HELPING HANDS: Extending support in times of need.

VII. Harmony in Action: How Donations Will Be Used

The Foundation, a composition of compassion, extends its reach in myriad ways. From home additives to medicines, groceries, and assistance equipment—the notes of generosity create a symphony of support for those navigating the complexities of MS.

As the melody of compassion continues to play, Corey Mitchell MS Foundation invites you to join this symphony of care. Your contribution, no matter how small, becomes a crucial note in a harmonious world where the burdens of MS are lightened through shared support.

In the spirit of giving, consider being a part of this symphony. Your donation will resonate in the hearts of those in need. Visit CMMSFOUNDATION Donation Page and contribute to the melody of compassion.